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Murcielago Truck Lights LLC is made by one truck driver that designed the first rear bumper with Bat shape as you see above. Now and with these ideas in mind we are developing new lights for Big Rigs using advanced technology on controlling leds. We are the first company to design this kind of commercial lights for trucks. In the begining you saw Red and Yellow color, later the two color revolution (Red + Blue, Green, Pink . . .), now we offer all these colors in one light, so you can get: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Aqua and the best thing about this is that you can see them moving in different sequences that you can controll with your smartphone.

welcome to murcielago truck lights

We are exited to share with all of you the revolutionary system SLTL (Smart LED’s Truck Lights) that we’ve designed together with dedicated engineers. After you install this system the exhaustive road trips will have more fun and you will see people admiring your truck lights. You can use them in Truck Shows, Truck Stops, Truck yards. We will be happy to answer any question that you may have, therefore don’t hesitate to let us know.




Our Products

Find in our innovative product catalog with RGB (Red, Green, Blue) taillights/brake lights with LED technology, as well as Smart side marker lights. All from the best manufacturers and with the best technology.

Give life to your truck lights and do not leave them static. Not only because they are much more attractive and functional, but they are also much safer.

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